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Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Welsh Tread Trips and Falls

Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

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Welsh Welsh Tread Trips and Falls signs graphic


  • Caution Floor slippery when wet W519
  • Cleaning in progress W520
  • Caution slippery surface W521
  • Warning trip hazard W522
  • Warning mind the step W523
  • Caution wet floor W524
  • Warning drop W525
  • Caution drop W526
  • Caution sloping floor W527
  • Warning men working overhead W528
  • Warning mind your head W529
  • Warning reduced headroom W530
  • Warning falling objects W531
  • Warning steep stairs W532
  • Danger of falling W533
  • Warning overhead crane W534
  • Danger W535


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