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Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Smoking

Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

If you don`t see the sign you require please contact us

Welsh Smoking signs graphic


  • No smoking in this vehicle W482
  • It is against the law to smoke... W483
  • Please do not smoke W484
  • No smoking W485
  • No smoking beyound this point W486
  • No smoking in this building W487
  • No smoking company policy W488
  • Smoking area W489
  • You are entering a no smoking area W490
  • You are entering a no smoking zone W491
  • Thank you for not smoking W492
  • No smoking in the toilets W493
  • No smoking smoke detectors... W494
  • Smoking prohibited in this area W495
  • No smoking in this office W496
  • No naked light W497
  • No smoking hazardous area W498
  • Please extinguish your cigarette here W499
  • No smoking in this vehicle W500
  • No naked light W501
  • No smoking you are reminded that... W502
  • Cigarette ends only... W503
  • No smoking or naked flames... W504


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