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Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Hotels and Catering.

If you don`t see the sign you require please contact us

Welsh Hotel and Catering signs graphic


  • Accommodation W129
  • Advice centre W130
  • Badge must be worn W131
  • Building A W132
  • basement W133
  • Block B W134
  • Reception W135
  • Enquiries W136
  • Customer services W137
  • Welcome W138
  • Key held at reception W139
  • Bar W140
  • Thanks you W141
  • Thank you very much W142
  • Can I help W143
  • Bed and breakfast W144
  • Thieves will be prosecuted W145
  • Open / Closed W146
  • No vacancies W147


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