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Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Fire Door

Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

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Welsh Fire Door signs graphic

Welsh Fire Door signs graphic


  • Fire door keep shut W204
  • Fire door keep locked W205
  • Fire escape W206
  • Automatic fire door W207
  • Automatic fire door keep clear at night W208
  • Keep clear exit from emergency W209
  • Keep clear for emergency vehicles W210
  • Fire door to be kept locked W211
  • Kepp this escape route clear W212
  • Fire escape keep clear W213
  • Door to be kept shut W214
  • Keep fire exit clear... W215
  • Keep clear of... W216
  • keep clear W217
  • To be kept... W218
  • Fire door keep shut W219
  • Keep shut W220
  • Fire door keep shut W221
  • Remeber to close all doors W222
  • In the event of fire... W223
  • Keep all gangways clear W224
  • This staircase to be kept... W225
  • Protective clothing... W226
  • Keep fire door shut.. W227
  • Fire door keep shut W228
  • Fire exit keep clear W229
  • Emergency exit door alarmed W230
  • Push bar to open W231
  • Pull W232
  • Push W233
  • Pull to open W234
  • Push to open W235
  • Turn to open W236
  • Turn to open W237
  • Fire escape keep clear W238
  • Fire door keep shut W239
  • Padlock and chain to be .... W240


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