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Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Construction.

Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

If you don`t see the sign you require please contact us

Welsh Construction signs graphic


  • Danger Construction site W148
  • Dangerous structure W149
  • Danger uneven steps W150
  • Cliffs kill keep to path W151
  • Private No public access W152
  • Caution reversing vehicles W153
  • No access for unauthorised persons W154
  • Footpath closed W155
  • Refurbishment in progress W156
  • Apologies for any... W157
  • No smoking W158
  • It is against the law W159
  • No smoking on this site W160
  • Pedestrians W161
  • Site safety starts here W162
  • All visitors must wear W163
  • Site safety notive W164
  • Wear masks W165
  • Wear respirator W166
  • Wear face shield W167
  • Wear visor W168
  • Wear gloves W169
  • Hearing protection W170
  • Wear ear protection W171
  • Ear protection zone W172
  • No entry without ear W173
  • High visibility clothing,,, W175
  • Wear glasses W176
  • Wear goggles W177
  • Eye protection W178
  • Protective foot .... W179
  • Wear boots W180
  • Wear helmet W181
  • Wear hard hats W182
  • Wear safety harness W183
  • Approved personal protective... W184
  • All visitors must waer W185
  • Danger demolition in progress W186
  • Caution Men at work W187
  • Warning deep excavation W188
  • Danger Men at work W189
  • Warning tree felling W190
  • danger fragile roof W191
  • Danger fagile roof W192
  • Caution Asbestos W193


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