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Welsh (Cymraeg) / English Bilingual Signs.

Welsh Bilingual Signs regarding Access.

If you don`t see the sign you require please contact us

Welsh Exit signs graphic

Welsh Assembly signs graphic


  • Refuge point W40
  • Emergency evacuation chair W41
  • Push to open W42
  • Push bar to open W43
  • Exit for emergency use only W44
  • Refuge point Keep clear W45
  • Fire exit Keep clear W46
  • Exit for emergency use only Caution this door is alarmed W47
  • Evacuation assembly point located outside main car park W48
  • Muster point W49
  • Fire assembly point W50
  • Your assembly point is W51
  • Your emergency assembly point is W52
  • Evacaution assembly point W53
  • Assembly point W54


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