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Sample Scottish (Gaelic) Bilingual Signs Organised by Group

Scottish Flag GraphicPlease Note: This is just a small selection of the signs we make. If you don`t see the sign you require please contact us or have a look at the A-Z Quick Finder

Protective Clothing Signs in Scottish / English

Eye Protection must be worn (Code: SCT18), High visibility clothing must be worn in this area (Code: SCT17), Protective foot wear must be worn (Code: SCT19), Wear hard hats (Code: SCT20)

Eye Icon graphic Click here for sample Protective Clothing signs in Scottish / English

Electrical Signs in Scottish / English

Danger 11000 volts (Code: SCT83), 110 volts (Code: SCT92), 230 volts (Code: SCT93), 240 volts (Code: SCT94), 400 volts (Code: SCT95), 415 volts (Code: SCT96), 440 volts (Code: SCTN97), 6600 volts (Code: SCT98), Danger buried cable (Code: SCT82), Danger Electricity (Code: SCT80), Danger high voltage cables overhead (Code: SCT81)

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Smoking Signs in Scottish / English

No Smoking (Code: SCT1), No Smoking beyond this point (Code: SCT2), No Smoking in this building (Code: SCT3), Smoking area (Code: SCT4),

Eye Icon graphic Click here for sample Smoking signs in Scottish / English

Shop & Hotel Signs in Scottish / English

Swing Double Signs:
Bed & Breakfast (Code: SCT 90), Open / closed (Code: SCT89), Thieves will be prosecuted (Code: SCT91), Vacancies / No vacancies (Code: SCT88)

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