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Cornish (SWF) Sign A-Z Quick Finder

Cornish Flag Graphic


  • Exit (Code: CORN46 to CORN65)
  • Fire exit (Code: CORN21 to CORN45)


  • Assembly (Code: CORN68)
  • Fire Action; any person discovering a fire (Code: CORNFIRE70)
  • Fire alarm (Code: CORN31)
  • Fire blanket (Code: CORN35)
  • Fire extinguisher (Code: CORN33)
  • Fire hose reel (Code: CORN34)
  • Fire point (Code: CORN32)
  • First aid (Code: CORN69)
  • Push bar to open (Code: CORN66)
  • Refuge point (Code: CORN67)

Keep out

  • Danger 11000 volts (Code: CORN83)
  • 110 volts (Code: CORN92)
  • 230 volts (Code: CORN93)
  • 240 volts (Code: CORN94)
  • 400 volts (Code: CORN95)
  • 415 volts (Code: CORN96)
  • 440 volts (Code: CORN97)
  • 6600 volts (Code: CORN98)
  • Danger buried cable (Code: CORN82)
  • Danger Electricity (Code: CORN80)
  • Danger high voltage cables overhead (Code: CORN81)
  • Fire escape keep clear (Code: CORN72)
  • Keep clear (Code: CORN76)
  • Keep locked (Code: CORN73)
  • Keep off (Code: CORN75)
  • Keep out (Code: CORN74)
  • No access for unauthorised persons (Code: CORN79)
  • No entry (Code: CORN78)
  • No exit (Code: CORN77)


  • Caution slippery surface (Code: CORN8)
  • CCTV in operation (Code: CORN5)
  • Danger (Code: CORN6)
  • Eye Protection must be worn (Code: CORN18)
  • High visibility clothing must be worn in this area (Code: CORN17)
  • No Parking (Code: CORN7)
  • Protective foot wear must be worn (Code: CORN19)
  • Warning fork lift trucks (Code: CORN10)
  • Warning trip hazard (Code: CORN9)
  • Wear hard hats (Code: CORN20)


  • Aluminium cans (Code: CORN15)
  • Cardboard (Code: CORN16)
  • Non recyclable waste (Code: CORN12)
  • Paper (Code: CORN11)
  • Plastic (Code: CORN14)
  • Recycling (Code: CORN13)


  • No Smoking (Code: CORN1)
  • No Smoking beyond this point (Code: CORN2)
  • No Smoking in this building (Code: CORN3)
  • Smoking area (Code: CORN4)

Swing Double Signs

  • Bed & Breakfast (Code: CORN 90)
  • Open - closed (Code: CORN89)
  • Thieves will be prosecuted (Code: CORN91)
  • Vacancies - No vacancies (Code: CORN88)


  • Disabled (Code: CORN87)
  • Gentlemen (Code: CORN85)
  • Ladies (Code: CORN86)
  • Toilets (Code: CORN84)


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